The image you see below is a photo of a page from the book, My Three Years with Eisenhowerby Captain Harry C. Butcher (the title page is above). It was published in 1946 by Simon and Shuster and it is, essentially, a war time diary of Butcher’s time with Eisenhower while he served as his naval aide. The image below is of page 89 and it is titled, A Vital Page Is Lost and Beadle Smith Arrives”. It is sub-titled “LONDON, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1942”. 

This entry begins with an admission that a page of Ike’s diary that Butcher and his staff were compiling went missing. The page contained the first Operation Torch directives and assault areas. It goes on to say that all hopes of attaining surprise will be lost if the page had fallen into the hands of the Nazis. This entry, and the fact that Butcher never reports that the page was eventually found, served as the central inspiration for The Torch BetrayalFor those readers that are fans of historical fiction, I thought sharing this would be of interest.

By the way, the missing diary page is only mentioned two more times by Butcher in his book. One time, on page 114, where he briefly laments losing the page, and then again on page 222 where Butcher mentions that Ike talked of the missing page with some dinner guests AFTER the invasion.

I love history!

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