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The Ultra Betrayal

Agents Conor Thorn and Emily Bright are back!

OSS Agent Conor Thorn and MI6 Agent Emily Bright set out on another critical mission, this time they are on a manhunt for a traitor from Bletchley Park who is set on selling Allied code-breaking secrets to the Nazis!

Second novel in the Conor Thorn series.

One man’s dark deal with the Nazis could bring the Allies to their knees…

Autumn, 1942. OSS Intelligence officer Conor Thorn breaks rules and heads to help the Allied war effort. So when a key Swedish cryptographer stationed in the UK goes missing, Thorn is determined to find him before critical information falls into enemy hands. But his MI6 colleague vanishes trailing the code-breaker to Stockholm, plunging Thorn into a sinister Nazi conspiracy.

Suspicious of the cypher’s wife and racing against time to prevent damaging leaks, Thorn mounts a daring operation. But if the bold agent’s plan fails, he risks compromising Allied tactics and jeopardizing thousands of valiant lives.

Can Thorn stop prized secrets from triggering more wartime carnage?

The Ultra Betrayal is the second novel in the thrilling Conor Thorn spy series. If you like harrowing historical drama, riveting espionage, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Glenn Dyer’s well-researched World War II adventure.


Second novel in the Conor Thorn series.