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I hope November is off to a great start for all of you.

I’m excited to share the cover (and some backstory) for my next Conor Thorn novel, The Ultra Betrayal. The cover was designed by Jane Dixon Smith of JD Smith Designs. Jane also created the cover to The Torch Betrayal. The similarities between the two covers are obvious. We thought, given this is the second novel in the Conor Thorn Series, that carrying over some elements made a great deal of sense. I’d love to hear what you think!

The Ultra Betrayal, likeThe Torch Betrayal, was inspired by a true story that I discovered while doing research on WWII. The story was related in Anthony Cave Brown’s 1975 tome Bodyguard of Lies. Cave Brown’s exhaustive study of the Allied intelligence and counter-intelligence operations during World War II that were used to deceive the Nazis regarding the Normandy invasion runs over 820 pages, not including sources and notes!

Cave Brown wrote of a Polish Jew who had worked as a mathematician and engineer in a German factory in Berlin where Enigma machines were produced. He was expelled from Germany and sent back to Poland because of his religion and in 1938 he came to the attention of the British Embassy in Warsaw when he approached the embassy with an offer: for £ 10,000, a British passport and a resident’s permit for France for he and his wife, he would build the British a replica of the Enigma machine.

When the Nazis invaded the Low Countries and then France in 1940, the British feared the Polish engineer would be captured which could lead to the  the Nazis learning about British code breaking activities. So MI6 flew him and his wife to England. After settling the couple in England, the engineer and his wife disappeared, leaving no trace.

The Ultra Betrayal’s plot revolves around OSS Agent Conor Thorn and MI6 Agent Emily Bright’s efforts to track down the missing engineer before he and his top-secret information falls into the hands of the Nazis. Knowledge of Britain’s massive efforts to crack Nazi cypher’s would have led the Nazis to immediately change all military codes which would have set back Allied efforts to read German military communications months, if not years. It would certainly have had a similar impact of the length of the war — not to mention the cost in lives lost due to the conflict.

Look for The Ultra Betrayal early next year!

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