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Inspiration for The Ultra Betrayal

Hello friends,

Great weather out here in Park City, Utah. Snow has arrived and many ski resorts have opened. If it’s anything like last season, we’re in for another great ski/snowboard season . . . and a lot of snow blowing!

Like The Torch Betrayal, my next novel, The Ultra Betrayal, is inspired by an unsolved mystery I discovered during my research of World War II. In this newsletter, I’d like to share a short passage from Anthony Cave Brown’s Bodyguard of Lies (1975, Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.) that inspired The Ultra Betrayal. 

“In June of 1938, Menzies (head of MI-6) had received a message that would prove to be the most important in the intelligence history of the Second World War. It came, again, from Gibson at Prague, who reported that he had just returned from Warsaw where . . . he had encountered a Polish Jew who had offered to sell MI-6 his knowledge of Enigma. The Pole, Richard Lewinski (not his real name), had worked as a mathematician and engineer at the factory in Berlin where Enigma was produced. But he had been expelled from Germany because of his religion and had come to the attention of the British Embassy at Warsaw . . . Lewinski announced his price: £10,000, a British passport, a resident’s permit for France for himself and his wife. He did not wish to live in England because he had no friends or ties there. Lewinski claimed that he knew enough about Enigma to build a replica, and to draw diagrams of the heart of the machine—the complicated wiring system in each of its rotors.” (page 17)

I’ll fill in the rest of this man’s story in my next newsletter.

Look for The Ultra Betrayal early next year!

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