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More Inspiration for The Ultra Betrayal


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

In my last newsletter, I shared a short passage from Anthony Cave Brown’s Bodyguard of Lies (1975, Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.), which served as inspiration for my next Conor Thorn novel The Ultra Betrayal. In this newsletter, I’d like to share more of the Polish engineer’s story that ends quite mysteriously.

“Knox (Dilly Knox  – Chief Cryptographer) and Turing (Alan Turing – Cryptanalyst) recommended to Menzies that the bargain be accepted. The necessary arrangements were made, and Lewinski and his wife were taken by Major Gibson . . . to Paris, traveling on a British diplomatic laissez-passez through Gdynia and Stockholm to avoid Germany.” (page 20)

“In the confusion and tumult of May and June 1940, MI-6 and Menzies were confronted with a number of urgent tasks—the most urgent of which was the security of Ultra. It was imperative to evacuate Lewinski and his wife from Paris lest they be captured by the Germans . . . “ (page 34)

“When Lewinski arrived in London he was given lodgings by MI-6 and a police guard. Then he disappeared. So far as was known, he made no contact with the Polish Embassy or the Polish exiles in London. There were several accounts of his disappearance. Some Poles believed the secret service had spirited him to Canada. Another Pole said he had ‘certain information’ that he was sent to Australia, where he was rewarded with a farm . . . whatever happened, Lewinski left no trace.” (page 34-35)

Lewinski’s disappearance sparked my imagination and I used his story to inspire The Ultra Betrayal. I’ll pass along more results of my research for The Ultra Betrayal in the coming weeks.

Look for The Ultra Betrayal early next year!

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