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Research for The Ultra Betrayal


Greetings friends!

I hope you have all had a joyful holiday season thus far and you’re looking forward to an exciting new year!

I wanted to share a book recommendation with you that I found invaluable when plotting my soon to be released novel, The Ultra Betrayal, the second in the Conor Thorn Series. But, before I do, I wanted to quickly mention that The Torch Betrayal is now available in a large print edition at Amazon and other online outlets. Here’s a link to Amazon for the large print edition. 

A good deal of The Ultra Betrayal takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, a place I had never been to. While researching books that would help me get the details right for The Ultra Betrayal, I discovered a fascinating book written by Pat DiGeorge entitled Liberty Lady – A True Story of Love and Espionage in WWII Sweden. Stockholm like other capitals of neutral countries in Europe, were hot beds of espionage during the war. Spies, agents and other military and non-military officials would regularly rub-shoulders with enemy agents and officials in bars, restaurants, barber shops and the like. Hard to imagine but, nonetheless, true.

Pat’s book was a wonderful resource for me and if you’re interested in the period, you’ll really enjoy her story of her father, a officer in the U.S. Army Air Force, and mother, a member of the OSS, who met in Stockholm during the war and married while stationed there. Here’s a link to her book on Amazon.

By the way, I did eventually make it to Stockholm. More on my visit there in my next newsletter! 

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If you haven’t already read The Torch Betrayal, you’ll want to find out what happened to that top secret document detailing Operation Torch, so here’s the link to Amazon.

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Happy New Year!

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