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Sinking of U-22

A Breakthrough for the Allies

Pictured above is the Kriegsmarines’ U-33 U-boat, which was forced to surface while engaged with the HMS Gleaner, a British minesweeper. As a result, the Allies confiscated a number of secret Enigma rotors, later used by codebreakers at Bletchley Park to crack German ciphers.

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  1. Michael McLoughlin says:

    I have written a book “The Time of the Canton” that tells the story of the capture of U-110 which gave the first in tact Enigma machine. It tells to story of Capt. Lemp the skipper of U-30 and U-110. It deals with the sinking of the Swedish ship Canton off the coast of Ireland, and the rescue of the crew.

    1. Glenn Dyer says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Michael. I’ll check it out.

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